Are urgent translations more expensive?

One of the frequent customers questions is whether urgent translations are more expensive. It is unfortunate, but urgent translations are actually more expensive. As there are dozens of clients that we work with simultaneously and translators have their work planned according to agreed terms – urgent translations “mix-up the translation kitchen”, therefore urgent translations usually cost about 30 percent more.

skubūs vertimai vertimų biuras galeritaThe translation bureau “Galerita” evaluates each situation individually and understands that sometimes it is very difficult to plan work that may have not even done before. Therefore, if the circumstances allow – this rate is not applicable. Unfortunately, we are unable to apply this on a case-by-case basis.

In order to ensure the quality of the provided services, we ask the clients to submit an order as early as possible. In this way, we get enough time to translate, check and deliver the translation on agreed time.

How to determine if the translation is urgent and what is the time limit?

If the content is to be translated by one translator (cannot be shared among several translators of the same language), and the rate of translating is higher than 8 sheets per day, we interpret such translations as urgent, i.e. even if it is possible to spend a week on a translation, and the needed translation is of 100 pages – such translation is urgent.

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