What does translation in writing fee depend on?

The translation in writing fee depends on many different circumstances. The most difficult thing is that in different situations, different solutions can be the most important. Therefore, one rule for all cases cannot be specified.

vertimo raštu įkainisMost often, the translation in writing fee will be based on:

  • The language from which you are planning to translate – different language specialists apply different pricing. Let’s say in Europe, German translators are some of the most expensive. Therefore, when ordering a translation from a foreign language into German, the translation cost can be astonishingly surprising. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, the German language is quite popular. There are plenty of Lithuanian-German-Lithuanian combination translators. As a result, the translation of this combination will be one of the cheapest.
  • The volume of the text – usually the larger the text, the higher the translation price; while the cost per page is lower. In fact, the volume of translation affects the cost of price per page, until the volume of text becomes uncomfortably large.
  • The nature of the text – technical translations have always been more expensive to translate, and template documents are cheaper. The reason for this is the name of the service itself. Technical translations relate to a specific area. Therefore, such translations can only be performed qualitatively by a translator who has experience in a particular field – here, specific terms of the field should be applied. Meanwhile, template translations are standardized and can be translated qualitatively by a translator whose services are cheaper.
  • Document quality – if the text is written by hand, faded or difficult to read for other reasons – the translation of such content requires more time and may cost more.
  • Urgent translation – if you need the translation on the same day or if the translation volume exceeds 7-10 pages per day per translator, such translation is considered urgent and may be subject to an additional fee.
  • Abundance of additional services – most translation bureaus also offer additional services besides translation services. Most often offered services: notarial translation affirmation and other  notary services; editing and stylistic editing services services. Additional services naturally increase the price of the service.
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