How is the translation cost calculated?

The cost of translation services can be calculated in a variety of ways. Many translation bureaus calculate the written translation price by individual ways. The practice is also different in other countries. Let us explain how the translation costs are calculated with us and how to judge different costs that are offered to you.

vertimo raštu kainaBureaus in Lithuania usually count characters. Each translation bureau has its own standard page with an amount of characters, for which a price is provided. The most commonly affixed number of characters per page is between 1 500 and 1 800. If the bureau has an affixed number of characters between 1 500 and 1800, most likely they will exclude the spaces between words. If the number is between 1 700 and 1 800 characters, most likely the spaces between characters are already included in this number. The average of 1 600 characters excluding spaces corresponds to 1 850 characters with spaces included.

Galerita translation bureau counts 1 600 characters excluding spaces per page, which is roughly equivalent to 1 850 characters including spaces.

The world’s more popular practice is to count words. Typically, 250 words are counted per page and this usually corresponds to 1 600 characters excluding spaces and 1 850 characters including spaces. Please note that in different languages these numbers may not match because of the words on average are shorter or longer, as well as different languages have additional words (for example, in the English texts you will find a significant number of words, such as: “a”, “to”, “of” or “the”, which makes up just a few characters, but they make up the whole word).

Summarizing the peculiarities of price calculation, although the methods of calculation differ between translation bureaus – the final price is determined by the service cost rather than the calculation method. Therefore, we recommend that customers evaluate the final price and the reputation of the bureau and its done translations.

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