Printing of translated documents

Printing of translated documents – is a very convenient service for the customer. We print the translated documents if they need to be affirmed by the bureau’s signature, notarized, or it is more convenient for the client to accept the translated document in such format.

išverstų dokumentų spausdinimasTypically, we print a single black and white copy of the translated document. If it is relevant to the client – we can offer more copies or a color copy of the translated document.

Color printing – A4 page, price per page – EUR 0,15 incl. VAT

Black-and-white printing – A3 page, price per page – 0,03 EUR incl. VAT

If the client needs more than one copy of the translation – upon client’s arrival, we will prepare the translation pages in accordance with the client’s needs at the bureau, i.e. we will print and bind the required amount of copies. This saves a lot of time for the client.

If the client is unable to arrive to pick up the printed translation – we will send it out by registered post.

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