How are characters calculated?

If you want to self-assess the price of a service, you can do it very easily. In this section, we will explain how the characters are calculated.

You can check the amount of characters whether with, or without spaces in the most of the text editing programs.

kaip skaiciuojami spaudos zenklaiIf it is a doc, docx, .rtf or other document format that MS Word supports, it is very easy to do. When you open the document, you should see the total sum of words written in the lower left corner (for example, “29 words”). Clicking on this note will open a table that will contain the number pages, words, characters (no spaces), characters (with spaces), paragraphs and lines. Based on these data, you can evaluate the price without discount.

If you wish to accurately calculate the sizes in other formats, such as .ppt, .xls, .pdf, etc. you will need additional supportive programs. You can do this with the aforementioned MS Word program by copying all the content into a text editor, but it does not always allow it and the program does not always provide accurate data. Galerita translation bureau uses professional programs used by translation bureaus. We will accurately calculate the volume of the text and provide you with a detailed report.

The volume of the copied document or handwritten text is usually not possible to count using any programs. In this case, the volume of the translated text is calculated. Although languages are different, the amount of translated text is usually very similar. Differences vary by up to 15 percent.

It should be noted that due to certain reasons, such as: the complexity of the text, the complexity of reading the text, the scope of the text, etc. – the translation fee may differ from the ones officially published. The fee may be smaller or larger. In addition, the bureau, in different circumstances, may issue a discount, which will be offered after evaluating your text. Therefore, we offer you to send your requests to our bureau, and we will respond promptly to it by submitting an individual offer which is the most suitable for you.

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