Is the translation bureau located in Kaunas?

Yes, the translation bureau is located in Kaunas.

Vertimų biuras įsikūręs Kaune GaleritaAt present, MB “Galerita” has one office, which is located in Kaunas, Raudondvaris highway, near the main Via Baltica road. It is convenient to reach to the office both from the city and Kaunas district.

We provide translation services to clients abroad

We often face the customers needs to translate and notarize documents in Lithuania, although the client lives abroad and does not have the opportunity to return. Then we send the done translation by registered post.

Also, foreign companies often apply for translation into or from the Lithuanian language. In this case, the translation is usually sent by e-mail.

Translation services for clients in Lithuania

More than half of Lithuania’s customers are from other cities. “Galerita” translation bureau flexibly adapts to the needs of the client and provides translation services tailored to each client’s requirements. Mostly, customers from other cities prefer to receive translated documents by e-mail. If the client needs an original copy of the translation – we send it by registered post or parcel services.

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Do you send translations by post?

Printing of translated documents

Translation bureau’s “Galerita” providing translation services:

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