vertimu biuras/ vertimu legalizavimas vertimu kainos/ vertimu notarinis tvirtinimas apostile apostilizacija dokumentu nuorasasWhat is the legalization of translations?

Legalization of translations – confirmation of the signature, the position of the person and the authenticity of the seal in the translation. In this section, we will share our experience and explain each method of legalization of the document. Depending on the document and where it will be used later, the documents must be differently legalized. Therefore, it is very important to find out how a document should be legalized.

Ways of legalizing translations:

There are three ways to legalize translated documents. According to what the document is and where it will be used later, you can determine how a document should be legalized.

It is also often the case when a confirmation of a copy of a document is needed. Read more about what is a copy of the document and when it is needed here: link

If you have any questions about legalization of documents – please contact our bureau and we will be happy to assist.