Išverstų dokumentų maketavimasWhat is document editing?

Document editing – a translation bureau‘s provided service, due which the translated document appears to be as close as possible to the document in the original language. Document layout helps maintain the page’s format, the text is translated using the same font, size, and color. If technically feasible – the text located in figures and diagrams is also translated.

Document editing service is convenient and useful for translating a printed document and for making documents look as similar to each other as possible, or when it is planned to distribute flyers, presentations, or other promotional materials in various languages.

Our up-to-date software and gifted professionals will help you save a lot of time and get a thoroughly crafted document.

We can present the edited document in the most suitable format for you: .doc, .pdf, .psd, etc.

Document editing costs

Document editing price depends on the size of the document and the complexity of the format (abundance of tables and graphic elements). In most cases, the layout design editing service costs between 3 and 6 EUR plus VAT per page.

For exact price please contact us by bureau contacts.

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