Translator careers

The section Translator careers provides current job offers. Galerita translation bureau is constantly looking for experienced translators and offers collaborative opportunities. It does not matter what languages the translators know, translate in writing or orally, nor in which area they specialize. We will always have something to offer to a good translator.

Galerita translation agency is currently looking for translators that are able to translate in writing and orally:

  • English language translator
  • German language translator
  • Latvian language translator
  • Estonian language translator
  • French language translator

Galerita translation bureau ensures: timely payment for the provided translation services and respect towards the translator’s working hours and weekends. Galerita translation bureau seeks to make the work of each person enjoyable. Therefore, we do not require the acceptance of an order, if due to the abundance of translations you will not be able to timely carry out the work, and we do not negotiate the prices of services.

If you are a diligent and responsible translator and would like to start working with the translation bureau “Galerita” – please send a resume and your motivation letter to:; and we will get in touch with you.


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