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vertimų biuras vilniuje ir kauneTranslation agency MB “Galerita” was founded to provide high quality translation services at a reasonable price. In order to assure high quality of translations, the agency works only with well-selected native speakers and editors. Most translators’ experiences are over 10 years and they translate texts in their fields of knowledge. Currently, the agency provides translation services in 30 popular languages and offers a wide range of other services.

Vertimų biuras - vertimas raštuTranslations in writing

Translation of documents in writing is done from and into 30 languages of the world. We translate a wide range of texts and documents, technical documents, websites, computer games and applications. Translations are done by native translators specializing in the same field as the content of the text for translation.

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150 vertimas zodziu 2Interpreting

The translation is carried out upon the interpreter’s arrival at the customer’s specified location. These can be various business meetings, conferences, exhibitions or other types of translations. Interpreting is available in 30 languages. Translators are selected according to the planned translation subject, i.e. a translator is selected with the strongest focus on the topic of the planned translation. Specific target terms are used during translations to ensure the high quality of service.

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vertimu biuras vertimu kainos vertimas telefonuTranslations via telephone

Translation via telephone is a very convenient translation service if you need to solve the situation promptly and there is a language barrier from you and the other party. Conferencing calls are used when translating remotely. You will not need to meet with an interpreter or the other party. You can communicate in any language, wherever you are.

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vertimu biuras/ vertimu kainos/ vertimu notarinis tvirtinimas apostilizacijaTranslations legalization

Legalization of translations – confirmation of the signature, the position of the person and the authenticity of the seal in the translation. Legalized translations are required in various state institutions, courts or going abroad. The translations are approved by the office signature, notarized statement or apostille.

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skubus vertimas vertimu biuras kaune galeritaUrgent translations

We can translate documents urgently. Birth certificates, driving licenses, maturity certificates and other documents can be translated within 24 hours or less.

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stilistinis redagavimas vertimu biuras kaune galeritaStylistic editing

Stylistic editing – a service, during which the text is checked in accordance with spelling, punctuation, style and computer literacy rules. We recommend stylistic editing of any content that will be distributed to the public. Stylistically-edited text looks more professional and clearer.

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